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The Discovery of a Healer

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Portland OR- There has been a group of people called healers discovered right here in Portland, Oregon and other places around the world. They are from a long lineage that now has members called doctor, nurse, health care provider, allied care professionals, massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, and energy workers to name a few. These people are from the same group as the once common medicine man, shaman, witch doctor and the very special “grandma” who has been known to achieve miracles with a kiss, a bowl of soup and a cup of tea. 

These people have the very specific mission of making sick people well again and have been a feature of society since the beginning of sick people in tribes all around the world. If you were to ask one of these healers why they do what they do they will probably tell you that they were “called” to do so. They have a number of different specialties and sub-specialty however; their goals are the same to make the sick well.

Healers have a variety of methods so don’t assume that they are all the same. One feature of highly desirable healers is the knowledge of what needs to be cured. Signs and symptoms are often indicative of something bigger and they help alert us to a real problem. Healers are observant they see patterns and know how they can relate to an appropriate remedy or remedies. A healer trusts the inherent wisdom of the body and assist when possible but does not get in the way. A healer finds and tries to reduce the obstacles to cure to ensure a lasting cure. A healer is able to listen and reserve judgment. A healer is an idealist and a realist. One who wants the best and works for the best but is tempered by realism. 

They are open and aware of the abilities and limitations of all people including themselves. A healer is human no more and no less with a calling or gift to help others. Healers are not limited strictly to the medical profession. Part of healing is making whole the old English definition of heal. If there is something missing in the life of the sick person then often the replacement of that something is the best remedy. Those that are missing love, companionship, or a hobby might not need a healer but rather a friend instead. Sometimes sick people are afflicted by stagnation and instead of needing to add something they need to remove or move something, stuck emotions, old furniture or carpet that harbors illness. An inappropriate job or partner may also help to cultivate the terrain for illness and a healer must look at all these things too while being compassionate to the difficulty of change for some people. 

In summary a healer makes the sick well, listens before speaking, is an astute observer, knows the tools or remedies available, remains dispassionate, is able to keep a distance between themselves and the prognosis of the patient. They also understand that the sick sometimes do not wish to have a cure and a healer accepts that.


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