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Sepia and Pulsatilla in the Car

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Sepia and Pulsatilla in the Car

(a short comedy comparing the two if they were sisters)


Sepia:  Excitable, introverted, sarcastic, indifferent to loved ones, adverse to company, cannot be stimulated to joy or emotion.  Likes thunderstorms thinks that they are better than sex.

Pulsatilla:  Emotional, sympathetic, changeable moods,   feels forsaken, consolation ameliorates, changeable symptoms, wandering pains,   Likes cold things but not better than sex

 In the car

Pulsatilla:  Wears short- sleeves with the window rolled down and is sweating (left armpit). She is sympathetic in nature, not thirsty.

Sepia:  Wears long- sleeves and feels the draft from your window.  She is apathetic in nature and wants a cup of coffee.

On checking out guys

Pulsatilla:  He’s cute I wonder if he is the one that will love me forever (and ever).

Sepia:  As long as he doesn’t bug me or smell bad we can hang out now and then. (Like every other week).


Private menu that they won’t tell you about

Pulsatilla: Can be found eating egg salad no sandwich and will be washing it down with an extra creamy milk shake she is an ice cream fanatic.  If those food cravings are acting up she might throw a slice of dill havarti over the top of that egg salad.

Sepia:  Might be found cutting an extra crispy kosher dill pickle into quarters or cubes and dipping it in mustard yellow or Dijon will do.  To add a little bit of texture to this special treat she may eat it on a corn chip.  This will be washed down with an extra chocolaty mocha (I wonder if they make that Starbucks Chantico thing in a Grande size).

 On Pregnancy

Pulsatilla; Someone to love me that I can take care of

Sepia: I am not letting the little alien hitchhike in my body.


On the latest family gossip

Pulsatilla:  I am (sob) so sorry (sob) to hear that (sob).

Sepia:    Couldn’t give a shit (even if I wanted to).

 On their love life

Pulsatilla:  He makes me sooo nuts (sob) but I love him.  I don’t know what I’d do (sob) without him.

Sepia:    Single thank god!  Like I need someone trying to bug me when I am taking my nap (2-4 or 3-5).

On each others clothes

Pulsatilla:  Do you have anything that is short sleeved?  Your jacket is too hot do you have one that is not fur lined (probably not).

Sepia:  Your shirt makes my neck itch do you use some kind of funny detergent?


Sometimes Pulsatilla and Sepia go riding in the car with their cousin Chamomilla.

 Some times Chamomilla gets a little “temperamental” and sensitive and behaves like a rabid dog.   On these occasions she has to be contained.                          

In her favorite satin lined suitcase, before we put her in the trunk (of the car).  When Chamomilla is in one of her “moods” we do this for her safety and the safety of others.  We do this because she doesn’t like the wind or the sun and she can’t get too hot or too cold and she doesn’t like people looking at her and all smells bother her.  (Nobody sees her in the trunk and we can barely hear her too!)


On their cousin Chamomilla

Pulsatilla:  She (sob) gets so upset (sob) I just want to get along (sob) with her (sob).  I have tried everything to get (sob) along with her.

Sepia:  The girl has issues and she gives off BAD vibes.

On their least favorite things

Pulsatilla:  Pork, warm air or clothing, French food, getting feet wet (she sometimes wears aqua socks in the shower.

Sepia: Pork, cold weather, fatty foods, fasting (what a stupid thing to do), answering the phone, 2-4 or 3-5pm.

Chamomilla: Coffee, wind, heat, warm food, too many blankets and being looked at.


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