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Image: Eric Nez

A couple weeks ago I had a dream (sounds boring already). I dreamt that I was at a yoga class with two friends, it was a new yoga class, in a place, that I hadn’t been to before. It sort of looked like the YMCA that I belonged to while in college.

At some point one of my friends turns to me and says. “if you love it, they will make sure you are able to do it.” Now, I don’t particularly LOVE yoga and I’m not sure who THEY are? However, it is very exciting to think that my dream world and my daytime world is conspiring to have me do something I love (something physical, artistic, disciplined)!

Awesome… right?

Two weeks later it’s about to be a  Supermoon, meaning that it’s closer and brighter than usual, in Aquarius . The Sun in Leo is about personal creativity, dignified, rules the heart and spine (read: standing up for that which you love). The Moon opposite in Aquarius is unique, intellectual, humanitarian concerned with the collective. A simplified version of this polarity might look like doing something you love, unique to you, for the benefit of others….

Maybe “THEY” are Aquarians?

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