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Jupiter in Virgo- Refinement of Habits

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image: The Universal Four Habits

by: Cryptohelix

Jupiter is about expansion, optimism, long distance travel, spirituality, generosity, enthusiasm, luck, higher education, beliefs, and freedom, to name a few things.

Jupiter moved into Virgo 8/11/15 for his year long trek through the sign of Virgo; meticulous, clean, discerning, attentive to detail, practical, critical thinking, naturalist, beauty appreciating, health and nutrition oriented, idealistic, dexterous, quick witted.

What does this mean?  If you have Jupiter in Virgo, like I do you may already be interested in health, botanicals, natural healing modalities, and nutrition AND get a Jupiter return this year.  This happens about every 11-12 years.  More on Jupiter Returns here.  Want to find your Jupiter?  Get your natal chart or look here

Yesterday I spent the day contemplating the shift from Jupiter in Leo to Jupiter in Virgo and my impending Jupiter return.  I ended up feeling overwhelmed with possibility (Jupiter) and details (Virgo). 

Today I woke up, feeling a little stiff and it occurred to me in a neat little phrase, refinement of habits.  Is this the Jupiter in Virgo that I was looking for?  The opportunity (Jupiter) to refine my day to day habits, tasks and chores (Virgo). 

My list started something like this:

  • stretch at least a little each day
  • renew commitment to flossing
  • take vitamins and supplements as directed
  • observe a bedtime
  • eat properly (more about that later)
  • write
  • hydrate
  • laugh (jupiter) daily (Virgo)
  • make regular dates with my foam roller

Going along through my day I found that other people now had new motivation and are exercising and taking their vitamins as well as reviewing their personal habits and they were happy!!

The day progressed and I found myself with a huge amount of work to do, measuring and weighing Chinese botanicals. Abundance (Jupiter) work (Virgo). And I was happy about it (Jupiter in Virgo?)

What healthy habits would you like to have?


Updates, Excuses and Things that Make me Happy

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What have I been up to? That is a good question.

It’s been so long since I’ve logged in that I had to look at my password book to remember what my WordPress password.  Fortunately I haven’t been up to just nothing that may just be an excuse for not blogging but, I’m having fun.

Check out what I’ve been up to:

Aerial at Night Flight 3 times per week.  This is fun and challenging I could probably devote a blog specifically to aerial.

Tarot intensive with Veronica Varlow.

Memoir writing with Creative Writing Now. Just  two days before I signed up for this course I had a dream that I was at the goodwill buying back all my old written in journals. Apparently, they were now important. For some reason had taken my journals to Goodwill and they had accepted (but that part wasn’t in the dream). It took me to the end of the week to put the two together

I’m just about to start the 99 Astro Hacks. It starts on August 11.

30 day body weight challenge with The Betty Rocker!  I was invited by a facebook friend to join and several of us did the 30 day challenge together.

Now I’m doing Barre 3 online several times per week.  This is cool because you can do it from home and it requires few if any props.  They also have 10, 30, 40 and 60 minute workouts.  There are a ton of options!


I drew a tarot deck all 78 cards.  This was such a fun project.

Tarot Deck

Tarot Deck

Took a long weekend in January to San Francisco, ate amazing food, and took a tour of Alcatraz.

I have also been able to remember my dreams as of late and have been journaling them.  Have been using this site to do some rudimentary interpretations.

What have you done for your happiness lately?

Food for Thought

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Image: Masanori Kono

Play With Your Food: Daikon Radish Sculptures by Masanori Kono was the inspiration for this post. It made me contemplate some of my most plaguing food questions. The type of stuff that renders me speechless in conversation amongst friends and sleepless at night. Why don’t I know the answers to these questions?

What the hell is a caper?

The difference between a chile and a pepper? Is there a difference? Peppers can be sweet or hot and chiles are hot. Here is a guide.

Is rhubarb a fruit or vegetable? Rhubarb is botanically a vegetable even though we make pies, crisps and even rhubarb wine out of the said vegetable.

Do pineapples grow on trees? That would be dangerous fortunately they do not.

Fruits vs. berries. What’s the difference? Just In: Strawberries Are Not Really Berries, Yet Avocado and Watermelon Are.

On to some of my near and dear favorites

Chocolate is made from a cocoa bean, which is a legume and fermented (therefore it is good for me:)

What about those cool foam pictures on top of my latte?  I love those!


Image:  Latte Art: 22 Pieces of Foam Art Sculpture

How to Make Latte Art 

13 Steps (with pictures) Latte Art

Does anyone else have plaguing food questions?


Mental Health Monday 9/29 links

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image:  Pigboom El Crapo

How to get Mondays to suck less, journaling, the creative process,  some smart people’s thoughts on procrastination and building your own inspirational  team.

Getting Monday to suck less

4 Ways to Stop Reacting and Start Responding to Your Life

Journaling, I’ve been doing it since I was 8 and frequently recommend it to others

Why You Should keep a Journal and How to Start Yours

31 day Journaling Challenge  From the Art of Manliness- I double dog dare you!

Letting procrastination to work for you

Structured Procrastination–  there’s a method to the madness!

The 11th Hour – forgive yourself your procrastinations.

The Creative Process- blood, sweat, tears, rest and repeat.

The Creative Process has 6 Steps  

The Importance of Ritual to the Creative Process

20 Nick Cave Quotes on the Creative Process

Building your own inspirational team

The Circle of Seven– When you need your own badass gang of inspiration

The Cabinet of Invisible Counselors

Some days…

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image: Onward! by Jay Fleck

I was immediately drawn to this cute little print. Why?

Some days you are awkward like a giraffe in the ocean and you just have to put on your eye patch, grab your sword, get on the back of your shark, and get some shit done.

Mental Health Monday 9/1- links

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Image: by Talkingwatermelon

Happy Labor Day! I had this idea about posting helpful, fun, uplifting and entertaining things on Mondays and calling it Mental Health Monday. Since today is a Monday and also a holiday it seemed like a good time to test it out (read: I didn’t have to work this Monday and thus it isn’t really like a Monday for me).

Why trust is worth it– and how can you grow it?  Cirque du Soleil style. I love, love, love  this.

If you are in a shell– shyness

Alchemy baths-Mystic Medusa has this suggestion until the eclipse in early October. I’ve tried it a few times with rosebuds and dried citrus peel and have to say the improvement in sleep is worth the extra bathtub cleaning.

For those of us who can use the occasional assistance when it comes to deciding here are some techniques for simplified decision making.

Veronica Varlow’s Number 1 Tip Guaranteed to Help You Rock out Your Life and Never Give Up.


Mark Manson’s advice on dating. Fuck Yes or No.  I think his theory could be taken outside the dating arena.

Oh and I nearly forgot…

Exercise!  If this is a dirty word in your vocabulary find a movement you enjoy and do it until you sweat glisten.  Check out John Ratey’s book, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain.



Fun stuff to look at and think about

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Image: by: Reuben Ireland

Over the course of the weekend I stumbled on some fun stuff.

Went out on one of my usual walks through a cemetery an saw some deer going for a walk, first a group of three and then a solo deer munching flowers off of someone’s tombstone.  Decided to check into the potential significance of my deer sighting.

This video showed up twice in my internet wanderings. Hadn’t planned to watch the entire thing but it got started and I couldn’t turn it off. It is a short documentary (45 minutes) on the process of getting into Cirque du Soleil. Yes, it’s as difficult as you might imagine.

Tara Dougan’s animated illustrations.

Your Cosmic Horoscope– from the CIA (Cosmic Intelligence Agency)

And an addition to the wish list of stuff I want: Mechanical Bones leggings by Black Milk and an anatomical heart necklace.