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Jupiter in Virgo- Refinement of Habits

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image: The Universal Four Habits

by: Cryptohelix

Jupiter is about expansion, optimism, long distance travel, spirituality, generosity, enthusiasm, luck, higher education, beliefs, and freedom, to name a few things.

Jupiter moved into Virgo 8/11/15 for his year long trek through the sign of Virgo; meticulous, clean, discerning, attentive to detail, practical, critical thinking, naturalist, beauty appreciating, health and nutrition oriented, idealistic, dexterous, quick witted.

What does this mean?  If you have Jupiter in Virgo, like I do you may already be interested in health, botanicals, natural healing modalities, and nutrition AND get a Jupiter return this year.  This happens about every 11-12 years.  More on Jupiter Returns here.  Want to find your Jupiter?  Get your natal chart or look here

Yesterday I spent the day contemplating the shift from Jupiter in Leo to Jupiter in Virgo and my impending Jupiter return.  I ended up feeling overwhelmed with possibility (Jupiter) and details (Virgo). 

Today I woke up, feeling a little stiff and it occurred to me in a neat little phrase, refinement of habits.  Is this the Jupiter in Virgo that I was looking for?  The opportunity (Jupiter) to refine my day to day habits, tasks and chores (Virgo). 

My list started something like this:

  • stretch at least a little each day
  • renew commitment to flossing
  • take vitamins and supplements as directed
  • observe a bedtime
  • eat properly (more about that later)
  • write
  • hydrate
  • laugh (jupiter) daily (Virgo)
  • make regular dates with my foam roller

Going along through my day I found that other people now had new motivation and are exercising and taking their vitamins as well as reviewing their personal habits and they were happy!!

The day progressed and I found myself with a huge amount of work to do, measuring and weighing Chinese botanicals. Abundance (Jupiter) work (Virgo). And I was happy about it (Jupiter in Virgo?)

What healthy habits would you like to have?


Mental Health Monday 9/1- links

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Image: by Talkingwatermelon

Happy Labor Day! I had this idea about posting helpful, fun, uplifting and entertaining things on Mondays and calling it Mental Health Monday. Since today is a Monday and also a holiday it seemed like a good time to test it out (read: I didn’t have to work this Monday and thus it isn’t really like a Monday for me).

Why trust is worth it– and how can you grow it?  Cirque du Soleil style. I love, love, love  this.

If you are in a shell– shyness

Alchemy baths-Mystic Medusa has this suggestion until the eclipse in early October. I’ve tried it a few times with rosebuds and dried citrus peel and have to say the improvement in sleep is worth the extra bathtub cleaning.

For those of us who can use the occasional assistance when it comes to deciding here are some techniques for simplified decision making.

Veronica Varlow’s Number 1 Tip Guaranteed to Help You Rock out Your Life and Never Give Up.


Mark Manson’s advice on dating. Fuck Yes or No.  I think his theory could be taken outside the dating arena.

Oh and I nearly forgot…

Exercise!  If this is a dirty word in your vocabulary find a movement you enjoy and do it until you sweat glisten.  Check out John Ratey’s book, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain.



The Quotable Comedian

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You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.


What’s right is what’s left if you do everything else wrong.


No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.


Okra is the closest thing to nylon I’ve ever eaten. It’s like they bred cotton with a green bean. Okra, tastes like snot. The more you cook it, the more it turns into string.


When in doubt, go for the dick joke.


RIP Robin Williams.  You will be missed.  Deepest condolences to your family.

Have you talked to YOUR parent about safe sex?

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Have you talked to your parent about safe sex?

If not, Jacki Gethner will. Jacki Gethner (LMT, Certified Drug and alcohol Councilor and Reiki Master) has been hard at work as a HIV/AIDS educator with a specific focus on women who are over the age of 50 whose lives have been effected by HIV or AIDS.

Why, should I think about this?

Currently, women over 50 represent the fastest rate of growth in new cases of HIV and  reported cases of syphilis and chlamydia  among people ages 55 and up have increased 43 percent from 2005 to 2009.   Some of the reasons behind this: people are living longer and healthier lives which has included the advent of Viagra and other sex-enhancing medications.  Additionally, safer-sex information hasn’t been targeted to the over 50 group.  Thus their condom usage is lower.

While it may be unpleasant to think about this conversation with our parents, as healing practitioners, we should consider this conversation with our patients or clients and inform them with age appropriate health information.


The Body

Jacki Gethner

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

National Association of HIV Over Fifty

National Institute on Aging Information Center

My Most Recent Reading List

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Being that I usually have a lot of projects going on at once, these are some of the things that I have been reading and thinking about.  Check it out.

Japanese Acupuncture

The Sotai Ho of Hashimoto Keizo, MD by Peter Thompson
Citation: Thompson, Peter. “The Sotai Ho of Hashimoto Keizo, MD.” NAJOM 10(27),

Organism and Psyche by Mae-Wan-Ho

The Shape of Qi: Enhancing the vocabulary of contact in acupuncture by Charles Chase

PTSD Research Project

VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines: Management of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 2010

A Short History of PTSD: From Thermopylae to Hue Soldiers Have Always Had A Disturbing Reaction to War by Steve Bentley

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Bibliographic Essay by Lisa S. Beall

Propranolol Use in the Prevention and Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Military Veterans: Forgetting Therapy Revisited by Elise Donovan. Winter 2010


Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha

Gluten-free dining in Portland

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Want to check out some places that offer a gluten-free menu or menu items here in Portland, Oregon?  Here are some of the places that I have found.  Check them out. Menu items may be subject to change (that’s pretty much true of most things).

Corbett and Hawthorne Fish House

5901 SW Corbett

Portland, OR 97239


4343 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Portland, OR 97215



1314 NW Glisan

Portland, OR 97209



555 NW 12th

Portland, OR 97209


PF Changs (Multiple locations)

1139 NW Couch

Portland, OR 97209

Papa G

2314 SE Division

Portland, OR 97202


New Cascadia Traditional LLC

1700 SE 6th Ave

Portland, OR 97214


Piece of Cake Bakery

8306 SE 17th

Portland, OR 97202


Mississippi Pizza

3552 N Mississippi Ave

Portland, OR


Reflections on Evidence Based Medicine

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Describe evidence-based medicine?

Evidence-based medicine uses the randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study to determine what modalities are safe and effective, when the modality being tested is pharmaceuticals.  This model is being expanded to encompass testing procedures, imaging, and surgical procedures. This is the current paradigm for determining what is safe and effective in medicine. It changes every few years or so. All other possible modalities, that don’t fit into this model, are often considered, unscientific, unsafe and ineffective, and may be up for election again when the trend in medicine changes.

What does this imply beyond the procedure? Or how I see it.

For me to be able to look at evidence-based medicine objectively, I have to put aside some of the assumptions that I think it implies.  One being that it is the only way to evaluate a treatment, and anything that can’t be adequately evaluated, by this method is invalid therefore ineffective and unsafe.   Also this implies the idea that the patient is uninformed and therefore needs to be told what to do regarding their health choices. Some patients may feel intimidated into an immediate decision without adequate information about their options.   With the consumer age and information technology as it is the patient is often as informed or more about their particular condition than some of the physicians they will see. In this way evidence-based medicine is elitist over the general population that it is suppose to serve.  This particular model has a gap, not taking into consideration that research participants are often healthy and not taking any medications and the target prescription will actually go to, ill people, are on multiple prescriptions.

What are some ideals for Evidence based medicine?

For me to reflect on evidence-based medicine I have to reflect on my basic beliefs on medicine and healing, remembering that my primary mission as a health care provider and a healer is:  to make sick people well, prevent illness, act as a teacher, live in accordance with nature, and teach patients to do the same, do no harm and trust the body’s innate ability to heal, to name a few.  If and when evidence based medicine is working to embody all, or some, or even one of these basic principle, it is working for the good of the people.  This doesn’t mean that other forms of knowledge be ignored, abandoned or disqualified.  It is not the only way. 

Evidence based medicine and holistic medicine should have a relationship that mutually inspires the other to be stronger like yin and yang continually nourishing and strengthening the other. This should lead to better services, options, and modalities for the patient.  (After all there may be a time where our friend, family, loved-ones or ourselves will be in need of care and we will want only the best, most effective, non-harmful, low-side effect, comprehensive and compassionate care).

The ultimate goal (in my opinion) is the best possible care for the patient, who is able to make the most informed decision, on what is best for them.

We are living in a health-care period where one size fits none. Much of the population doesn’t have adequate health-care options. Doctors are not being served in this model as well as patients.  Many doctors work long hours, with heavy patient loads, high loans, low sleep and job quality or satisfaction.  People go into the health care profession to help people and are offered our current system of the seven-minute visit leaving patients with one or more prescriptions.  Neither the doctor or patient is served very well.

In a more balanced situation what would evidence-based medicine look like?

It is widely accepted that health is not only the absence of measurable disease.  It is more than just taking a pill.  Evidence-based medicine is a part of a system, a part that should in its structure and function mimic the whole system, a microcosm within a macrocosm, mimicking that, which exists in nature. It is one piece of a large and complex system called healthcare that may be out of balance for what is currently able to provide for the patient population, in terms of patient satisfaction and clinical effectiveness. 

As a students, and consumers of non-standard health-care education, we need to take that which is useful to us so that we can serve others.  That should mean taking things like evidence-based medicine and understand what is useful about it and combine it with our ideas to form new ideas.  Owning our knowledge in essence.