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Food for Thought

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Image: Masanori Kono

Play With Your Food: Daikon Radish Sculptures by Masanori Kono was the inspiration for this post. It made me contemplate some of my most plaguing food questions. The type of stuff that renders me speechless in conversation amongst friends and sleepless at night. Why don’t I know the answers to these questions?

What the hell is a caper?

The difference between a chile and a pepper? Is there a difference? Peppers can be sweet or hot and chiles are hot. Here is a guide.

Is rhubarb a fruit or vegetable? Rhubarb is botanically a vegetable even though we make pies, crisps and even rhubarb wine out of the said vegetable.

Do pineapples grow on trees? That would be dangerous fortunately they do not.

Fruits vs. berries. What’s the difference? Just In: Strawberries Are Not Really Berries, Yet Avocado and Watermelon Are.

On to some of my near and dear favorites

Chocolate is made from a cocoa bean, which is a legume and fermented (therefore it is good for me:)

What about those cool foam pictures on top of my latte?  I love those!


Image:  Latte Art: 22 Pieces of Foam Art Sculpture

How to Make Latte Art 

13 Steps (with pictures) Latte Art

Does anyone else have plaguing food questions?



Fun stuff to look at and think about

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Image: by: Reuben Ireland

Over the course of the weekend I stumbled on some fun stuff.

Went out on one of my usual walks through a cemetery an saw some deer going for a walk, first a group of three and then a solo deer munching flowers off of someone’s tombstone.  Decided to check into the potential significance of my deer sighting.

This video showed up twice in my internet wanderings. Hadn’t planned to watch the entire thing but it got started and I couldn’t turn it off. It is a short documentary (45 minutes) on the process of getting into Cirque du Soleil. Yes, it’s as difficult as you might imagine.

Tara Dougan’s animated illustrations.

Your Cosmic Horoscope– from the CIA (Cosmic Intelligence Agency)

And an addition to the wish list of stuff I want: Mechanical Bones leggings by Black Milk and an anatomical heart necklace.