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Jupiter in Virgo- Refinement of Habits

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image: The Universal Four Habits

by: Cryptohelix

Jupiter is about expansion, optimism, long distance travel, spirituality, generosity, enthusiasm, luck, higher education, beliefs, and freedom, to name a few things.

Jupiter moved into Virgo 8/11/15 for his year long trek through the sign of Virgo; meticulous, clean, discerning, attentive to detail, practical, critical thinking, naturalist, beauty appreciating, health and nutrition oriented, idealistic, dexterous, quick witted.

What does this mean?  If you have Jupiter in Virgo, like I do you may already be interested in health, botanicals, natural healing modalities, and nutrition AND get a Jupiter return this year.  This happens about every 11-12 years.  More on Jupiter Returns here.  Want to find your Jupiter?  Get your natal chart or look here

Yesterday I spent the day contemplating the shift from Jupiter in Leo to Jupiter in Virgo and my impending Jupiter return.  I ended up feeling overwhelmed with possibility (Jupiter) and details (Virgo). 

Today I woke up, feeling a little stiff and it occurred to me in a neat little phrase, refinement of habits.  Is this the Jupiter in Virgo that I was looking for?  The opportunity (Jupiter) to refine my day to day habits, tasks and chores (Virgo). 

My list started something like this:

  • stretch at least a little each day
  • renew commitment to flossing
  • take vitamins and supplements as directed
  • observe a bedtime
  • eat properly (more about that later)
  • write
  • hydrate
  • laugh (jupiter) daily (Virgo)
  • make regular dates with my foam roller

Going along through my day I found that other people now had new motivation and are exercising and taking their vitamins as well as reviewing their personal habits and they were happy!!

The day progressed and I found myself with a huge amount of work to do, measuring and weighing Chinese botanicals. Abundance (Jupiter) work (Virgo). And I was happy about it (Jupiter in Virgo?)

What healthy habits would you like to have?


Updates, Excuses and Things that Make me Happy

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What have I been up to? That is a good question.

It’s been so long since I’ve logged in that I had to look at my password book to remember what my WordPress password.  Fortunately I haven’t been up to just nothing that may just be an excuse for not blogging but, I’m having fun.

Check out what I’ve been up to:

Aerial at Night Flight 3 times per week.  This is fun and challenging I could probably devote a blog specifically to aerial.

Tarot intensive with Veronica Varlow.

Memoir writing with Creative Writing Now. Just  two days before I signed up for this course I had a dream that I was at the goodwill buying back all my old written in journals. Apparently, they were now important. For some reason had taken my journals to Goodwill and they had accepted (but that part wasn’t in the dream). It took me to the end of the week to put the two together

I’m just about to start the 99 Astro Hacks. It starts on August 11.

30 day body weight challenge with The Betty Rocker!  I was invited by a facebook friend to join and several of us did the 30 day challenge together.

Now I’m doing Barre 3 online several times per week.  This is cool because you can do it from home and it requires few if any props.  They also have 10, 30, 40 and 60 minute workouts.  There are a ton of options!


I drew a tarot deck all 78 cards.  This was such a fun project.

Tarot Deck

Tarot Deck

Took a long weekend in January to San Francisco, ate amazing food, and took a tour of Alcatraz.

I have also been able to remember my dreams as of late and have been journaling them.  Have been using this site to do some rudimentary interpretations.

What have you done for your happiness lately?

My Slightly Obsessive Hobby

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Thanks, Franz, for being so encouraging!

So maybe 2 years ago I developed the (slightly) obsessive hobby of studying astrology.  I’ve been reading my horoscope since I was old enough to read and by a stroke of good luck, fortune, fate or any other thing you want to call it, I met a colleague in the workplace and among her multitude of gifts she also happened to study astrology and  I was able to pick her brain tirelessly to what probably bordered on an irritating extent.  With that said, this is my first astrology blog and, the list below are links to sites I follow most regularly.  It is by no means a complete list and doesn’t include the countless sites I’ve looked at and have been unable to find or keep track of since then.

What are your obsessive hobbies? Or favorite astrology sites?

Here’s a little astrology appetizer. Enjoy!


Astrodienst- great site to look up charts and store charts for free. Lots of free horoscope options.  Can see where the current planets are at any given time and look at the charts of celebrities.

Can see where the planets are at any given time and the angles between planets.  No interpretation here.

Mystic Medusa is an Australian writer.  Fun pictures, a regular writer.  She keeps me laughing.

Moon specific astrology and rituals.

The Astro Twins out of NYC.

Cafe Astrology is often the first place I send people when they want to read an interpretation of their chart.  Free charts with interpretation.

Rob Brezsny was probably the second horoscope column that I followed on a regular basis.

Chinese astrology.  Works with a 5 Element perspective.

More Chinese astrology.

Horoscopes, readings and information on decans and asteroids!!

Austin Coppock is and astrologer, writer, blogger, speaker.  I enjoy his writing enormously.  He just finished a book on the 36 decans.