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Mental Health Monday 9/29 links

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image:  Pigboom El Crapo

How to get Mondays to suck less, journaling, the creative process,  some smart people’s thoughts on procrastination and building your own inspirational  team.

Getting Monday to suck less

4 Ways to Stop Reacting and Start Responding to Your Life

Journaling, I’ve been doing it since I was 8 and frequently recommend it to others

Why You Should keep a Journal and How to Start Yours

31 day Journaling Challenge  From the Art of Manliness- I double dog dare you!

Letting procrastination to work for you

Structured Procrastination–  there’s a method to the madness!

The 11th Hour – forgive yourself your procrastinations.

The Creative Process- blood, sweat, tears, rest and repeat.

The Creative Process has 6 Steps  

The Importance of Ritual to the Creative Process

20 Nick Cave Quotes on the Creative Process

Building your own inspirational team

The Circle of Seven– When you need your own badass gang of inspiration

The Cabinet of Invisible Counselors


Dear Monday

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Image: Leonardo Da Vinci 

Dear Monday,

So we meet again.  For too long I have wanted to kick your ass.  Then it occurred to me that perhaps it is not your fault that you show up when you do,  You feel like the longest day of the week, like you are 3 whole days stuffed into one.  You come complete with work left over from Friday, sleep deprivation, and a stack of days to follow that pale in comparison to the demands you make.  The day of bad drivers, all too early alarm clocks, and the inevitable: oh crap, I didn’t do laundry what do I wear today.

So, Monday,  when I say I’d like to kick your ass, what I really mean is that I would like to play you like a finely tuned instrument and I’d like for you to operate as a well oiled machine precise, seamless, and efficient.   For me to obtain such mastery of the Monday I have left my Monday morning self  a series of  small gifts: an outfit is picked out, lunch prepared, perhaps an early bedtime from the night prior and a mostly written blog post.


The Benevolent Sunday Night Self

PS:  To avoid this sort of unpleasantness in the future I intend to work on Saturday and rename you Sunday.