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thought-box revisited

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Image: Getting Lost in a Thought by Trevor Rodrigues

Yesterday it occurred to me, wouldn’t it be great to have a blog where I can put all my ramblings and writings? A place for astrology, tarot, recipes, storytelling, travel, notes to self, quotes, occasional health tips, my favorite things, new obsessions and musings to all co-exist in one place?

Then the reasonable voice inside my head said “you have that, use the though-box blog.”

The name thought-box does imply that level of flexibility.  Why not repurpose this blog?

While you are at it avoid diluting your writing to please other people and write frequently! OK?

Did I really just agree to that?

Then it was like a chicken was trying to hatch itself out of my head, pecking and pecking. The irritability persisted. No peace until it’s done. Must go write!

Thought-box, you may now consider yourself a multipurpose blog!!




Image:  Thoughts of Magic Queen