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Tubercular Miasm Reflections

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Thoughts on the tubercular miasm


I was thinking that tuberculosis as a disease is a disease of urbanism. It’s found in cities with overcrowding, shelters and prisions.  The body’s manifestation of the tubercular miasm works to protect it from the effects of urbanism.


Some examples of this are:

1.) Snot, copious nasal discharge which protects against pollutants (products of urbanism) I was always impressed by my little brother who I find to be very tuberculinic when he would sneeze he would have a string on snot that would go half the length of his body.

2.) Allergies which are reactions or over reactions to particles.

3.) Desire for travel -to go to new places or to get away from people it is funny how many of these remedies are better in cold air (like mountain air).   Another one of our favorite of the tuburcular rubrics MIND- Injustice cannot support.  Injustice is rampant in places that are overcrowded and underserved  (urban places) and this may be another of the body’s protective attempts like allergies, snot, and travel (getting away) the tuburcular body cannot handle injustice which it seems is  a social pollution.  


Just like in the disease tuberculosis, the body’s reaction is more harmful than the disease itself.  In the tuburcular miasm the body’s reaction to urbanism may be just as dangerous as urbanism itself.


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